Finally... A patent strategy book written for the inventor!

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Get involved in the patenting process. Learn key terms and concepts (with a minimum of "legalese"). Work with your attorney to build a better strategy
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Advice on basic search techniques to uncover competitive technologies. Utilize landscape and visualization techniques to illustrate the playing field.
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Develop new inventions to fit a specific strategic need. Build a strategy-driven invention process. Apply models of disruptive innovation and TRIZ techniques to your invention strategy.
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Formulate patent strategies that extend beyond a single invention. Protect your product's features from imitation. Create a portfolio of related patents involving multiple inventions.
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Contributions from Elvir Causevic, Jeff Lindsay, Mark Mondry, and Byron Olsen provide further insight into areas of their particular expertise: portfolio building, collaboration, disruptive innovation, and working with your attorney.

Read Jeff's thoughts on the book here.
Nick Nissing helped develop patent strategies for P&G FutureWorks and deals here with a more strategic view of the inventing process, leading to more effective patent strategy and usiness impact. One of the few practical books on patent strategy written for the corproate inventor.
Charles Fisher, P&G FutureWorks
A wealth of knowledge that often takes corporate inventors years of trial and error to discover for themselves. . . a valuable resource for anyone looking to deepen his or her understanding of corporate patent development."
William G. Pagán, Patent Engineer, Master Inventor
and Registered Patent Agent
I was very impressed by the book and look forward to purchasing it for our company . . . There are lots of good ideas and the processes outlined here will make a fantatic foundation!
Larry Ball, Senior Program Manager, Honeywell Aerospace